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Shaun Falzone

General Manager

Phone: 630-715-5199

Anthony Rohde

Head Coach

Phone: 630-935-3150

Mario Lachica

Assistant Coach

Phone: 630-267-7573

John Schwarz

Vice President

Phone: 630-336-6160

Ali Chaudhri

Assistant GM/ Marketing Manager/ Pres. of Jr Ducks

Phone: 469-867-1187

Aaron Kirby

Operations Manager/ Billet Coordiantor

Phone: 608-963-6755

Nick Turcotte

Head of Scouting

Phone: 720-990-0637

Yev Saidachev

International Scout

Phone: 253-225-8463

Tyler Szturm

Canadian Scout

Phone: 807-631-9711

Andrea Henry

Yoga Instructor

Holly Waterman

Off-Ice Instructor

Jim Den Hollander

Media Manager/ Public Relations

Phone: 608-393-2876

Matt Houk

Mental Coach

Phone: 817-991-7323